Soul Healing & Life Purpose Coaching


Soul Preneur Coaching


To fulfil your highest potential takes focus, determination, commitment and grit.


Being connected to your inner magic whilst maintaining a practical, worldly and grounded approach with deadlines and budget constraints can feel like walking a tightrope.


Drawing from 1000s of client sessions over the last 12 years, I offer a combination of tried and tested shamanic, embodiment, life coaching, counselling, mindfulness and business tools to enable you to ground your dreams and bring them to life.


Once you learn these skills to free yourself of your negative and self limiting patterns you will notice your role as a co-creator.







As you clear those internal and external obstacles that have obstructed you from your highest potential, you wil naturally begin to access the riches within you.


You will see clearly that the doorway to success was always right before you. Not only was it unlocked, but the door was wide open.


As you begin to fully embody your presence, unhindered by these distortions, many of those things you hungered for, including the relationships, visibility and success start to arrive naturally, without the frustrations, compromise and grief which may have accompanied them in the past.


Combining this uplift with a strategic planning session, built on firm foundations, enables you maximise these benefits and take off in your chosen direction.


My experience with deep embodiment healing, solution focussed coaching and 18 years of marketing strategy, corporate and business training, can then help you to bridge worlds. As you venture forwards towards your goals, with your feet firmly on the ground, you will be able to bring through the magic to enhance your life and work. As these two worlds come together, you will be a pioneer - a Soulpreneur - opening the way - where more will follow.









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