Soul Preneur Coaching

Find that spark of inspiration, the inner discipline, the emotional resilience, the determination, and most importantly the commercial knowhow that will carry you through your inevitable inner resistance and external inertia. I have pioneered a BREAKTHROUGH coaching model which draws upon 20 years marketing experience, Mindfulness, Emotional Resilience, Gestalt Psychotherapy, solution focussed coaching and Embodiment.

Heart Centred Marketing

  • Clearly define  your 'message' so others can spread your USP's via word of mouth/social media with ease

  • Bring the natural power of 'your story' to make your marketing more viral

  • Create a marketing plan to get started so you can make money from your idea straight away without selling out

Do you find that you or your business model just doesn't quite fit into the conventional world or traditional rules of commerce and you end up feeling compromised?

Do you have something unique, special or different to offer which you know will make a significant impact in the world, but just can't quite find the right way to bring it through so it feels AUTHENTIC?

GuruMarketing can help you to;

  • Identify your magic ingredient that will enable your business to take off
  • Pull it all together professionally
  • Overcome financial or emotional 'blocks' of any kind
  • Commercialise your ideas into a profitable enterprise without compromising your Essence
  • Bring something into the world that has no precedent
  • Ensure you make the most of your marketing investments with authentic and powerful copy

Conscious Copywriting

From finding the right words to connect with your audience and transmit your message effectively to engaging your readers so they take action; good copy can make or break your business. Conscious Copywriting can increase the effectiveness of your blog, email, newsletter or website so you get results. through Increasing your rates of enquiries and sales. 

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