I support you to turn around your blocks and develop your strengths so you can realise your highest potential and achieve your goals


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“David quite simply is brilliant at seeing to the heart of any problem. He is intuitive in his approach and guides clients to discover their own solutions - quite a skill. His insight and patience allows clients to work at their own pace without pressure. Through his astute questions and gentle direction the solutions/desired outcomes are always achieved.” 

                                                                     Linda Middleton-Jones


"As an artist I rely on my creativity which unfortunately doesn’t flow well during times when I’m stressed and low. Working with Dave however, created a powerful shift for me. He helped me clean up some murky boundaries I had with others and sort through priorities so that I felt clear and light and things started to flow again. Being in this space enabled me to have a surprisingly profitable Art’s Trail whilst generating lots of interest in my work; it also gave me the confidence to successfully run my first art workshop and to step up and start networking again. He helped me develop stronger resources in myself for my challenging times and was extremely supportive in a way that previous coaches were unable to be, and in doing so helped me free up aspects of myself that were really stuck. His help has been invaluable"                     Natasha

           Conscious Marketing & Life Purpose Coaching

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