I teach you how to fully embody your soul – as you learn to bring your full presence into your body and this present moment, the influx of your divine essence starts to push out all the impurities you have gathered. Together we will go on a rapid journey of healing and empowerment, that saves you the hassle and waste of more than a decade of dead ends I went on until I discovered the best tools.
I now blend my commercial experience with my training as a psychotherapist, coach and healer, bridging 2 worlds together. I work with many people, including 'soulpreneurs', who hold bold visions to enrich the world, supporting these courageous people to clear all obstacles on their path so they can successfully birth and grow themselves and their businesses to ensure they fulfil their highest potential.

Conscious Marketing & Life Purpose Coaching

During my life I have overcome several chronic illnesses. Each one threatened to change my way of life and take me down.
I always found my way through.
As a result I left my corporate job in 2003 as a successful marketing professional to retrain as a gestalt psychotherapist. I completed this 5 year apprenticeship and then found that it didn't touch the deeper places where I knew I had to go within to overcome my challenges.
I trained in various embodiment methods for a further 7 years. During this time I was able to heal myself of 3 traumatic illnesses and pioneer a unique approach that gets to the very core of most issues and brings deep healing.
I now help clients to heal themselves at their blue print level by addressing the underpinning patterns that cause diseases, disfunctions and distortions – whether karmic, ancestral or current life time.

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