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Are You Swimming Against The Tide?


I INVITE you to pause and take a deep breath before continuing to read on, and FULLY savour this moment. 

As you slow down, inhale and exhale a little DEEPER & CLOSE your eyes and allow yourself to come back to this moment, right here, RIGHT NOW...slowly inhale, absorbing the life affirming OXYGEN, feeling it enter each cell in your body. As you exhale, allow yourself to drop down, noticing your feet touching the ground and your weight DROPPING in the chair.

Now IMAGINE how it would feel in your BODY if your work and/or life was inspiring YOU and making your heart SING.

WHAT would you be doing? WHO would you be with? What would you be FEELING?

IF YOU'RE STRUGGLING to connect to your inner resources and find your sense of direction, or are at odds with living by your STRENGTHS and PASSIONS or keep bumping into obstacles and meeting your resistance, then you have indeed found the right place.


I offer courses and 1-2-1 work in:



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